Marysville, CA February 18, 2012 5 PM

Investigators Present: Steve Roland, Kim Walker, Shannon Fackler, and Ali Clifford

RPI was contacted in January by radio show host Lori Schulz to do a live broadcast from the Silver Dollar Saloon in Marysville, CA sometime in February.  Of course we said YES!!! The date was set for February 18, 2012 and we quickly rallied the team.

The team arrived at the Silver Dollar Saloon about 4:30 PM on the 18th to prepare to go live at 5 PM.  After arriving the team immediately went upstairs and got situated.  Lori first interviewed the team about what we do and how to contact us.  They also talked about a few cases we have done and that we also offer cleansings.  After that the team started their investigation while Lori talked with special co-host Paul Dale Roberts. 

The Silver Dollar Saloon building was built in the mid 1800s and the upstairs was a thriving brothel until the early 1970’s.  This building was used as a center for trade as well.  Many men stopped their on their way to the gold mines.  Steamers from San Francisco would go up the Yuba River to this area too.  Towards the end of the 1960’s and into the early 1970’s the place was known as the Guadalajara Café.  It was owned by the family of Juan Corona.  Juan Corona was a labor contractor that was held responsible for murdering 25 people in the late 1960’s.  It is said that the victims were picked up on the Bok Kai Temple’s grounds, which is right next to the building, then taken by truck to work in orchards until they were murdered.  To this day people still question if the right person was prosecuted and if the building may have had a role as a possible crime scene.  While talking with the owner the team also learned that a Madame was murdered in one of the upstairs back rooms by a jealous boyfriend in the late 1960’s. 

The Silver Dollar has many claims of paranormal activity.  There have been partial, and full body, apparitions, objects/decorations moving and being knocked over, the sound of chimes have been heard (at some point when the brothel was upstairs there was a security system that would chime to alert the prostitutes of someone coming up the stairs which gave them time to either prepare for their Johns or hide them from police under the floor boards.), feelings of not being alone or watched, hearing a woman’s voice, knocking on the windows from the inside, alarm issues due to motion being detected upstairs when there is no one there, women whispering, and even a baby crying.   Most of the activity is in the prostitutes’ rooms, Madame’s lair, and the dining area. 

This investigation was done live for The Dirt so the team only had about 45 minutes to conduct it.  During that time an interesting picture and possible evp were captured.  Also, our investigator in training Shannon said she felt like someone hit her in the back of the head with a 2x4 when she walked into one of the prostitute’s rooms.   All team members felt funny in certain rooms but there were some high emf readings so that could be an explanation.   We will be going over the evidence in the next few days.  We will also be joining Lori on The Dirt again to share the evidence if there is any.  If not we’ll still be there to talk about other investigations.  Keep an eye out on Facebook for possible new evidence.



01/22/2014 7:50pm

I was having drinks at the big round table at the marysville silver dollar bar when i felt someone looking at me on my right side and when i turned no one was there.i turned back to look at my gf an who every it was in the side room touched my hair an it felt like they were playing w it.i thought it might have been the wind.but no fan was on an no windows were open.i wasn't scared but more interested in what or who it was.


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